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The Register (Incorrectly) Claims The Sims 3 Will be DRM Free ➝

Companies have started to cave into customer demand by going DRM free, practically all music labels sell DRM free music online now and game many game companies (even if they are indie) are beginning to do the same.

This is all happening at the same time that another set of companies are putting more DRM on their content (like TV Show and Movie studios). But all that aside clearly some companies get it right while others DRM policies go horribly wrong.

EA’s recent release of Spore was one of those horribly wrong cases. EA isn’t going to go DRM free (although The Register says they are, which is wrong, they clear it up in the body of the article but the title is misleading), but they aren’t going to add any more DRM to their most popular PC game franchise, The Sims. Just like every other iteration of The Sims, The Sims 3 is just going to ask you for a serial code (which must be valid) when installing the game and check for The Sims 3 disc whenever you play the game.

It makes me really happy when companies go DRM free but when websites like The Register praise companies for not getting any worse it just grinds my gears. Why can’t we focus on convincing companies to release their content with absolutely no DRM and give zero priase to content providers that do use DRM.

I’m not telling you to completely stop buying DRM media, I do it several times a week, but I find it hard to take someone seriously when they complain about DRM but continue to buy DRMed content.