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A Deep Dive Into HandBrake and Video Transcoding ➝

I still buy a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays because they’re often the cheapest way to acquire movies — sometimes its even cheaper than renting from iTunes. But that, of course, means that I spend a lot of time ripping and encoding video before I’m able to watch the film in Plex. This piece, by Rob Griffiths, is filled with great information about the presets available in Handbrake and Don Melton’s Video Transcoding. I hadn’t heard of the latter until reading this, but based on the results of his tests, I expect I’ll begin using soon.

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Don Melton:

While the free-range, handcrafted, artisanal nature of the HTML previously here afforded me a certain self-righteous smugness, a static generator can be pain in the ass to use every day. And though I liked the command line Magneto required, I didn’t want to spend all my time there with it.

What I really needed was a publishing system easily accessible from anywhere — even mobile devices — to quickly create and deploy content. Which is the whole point of having a blog that people want to read.

I’ve been using WordPress for nearly ten years — I’ve dabbled with other content management systems in the past, but everything else has just been too fiddly for my liking. WordPress allows me to quickly and easily share my writing with the world on whatever device I want to. And it also features one of the strongest developer communities with tens of thousands of plugins and themes that are freely available to use as examples for writing your own code, starting points for hacking away at, or simply to use as is. I really don’t understand why someone would choose a different CMS.