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Why I Stopped Using an External Monitor ➝

I’ve tried, on many occasions, to use an external display, but I always end up just going back to using my MacBook’s built-in display. For me, it’s all about focus. I find it very difficult to stay on the task at hand with a 27-inch display in front of me. A 13-inch display feels like the perfect balance.

➝ Source: bt.ht

Mac Studio and Display Design ➝

Luke Miani seems to have the scoop on what to expect in Apple’s event later today. The new Mac Mini-like machine is the most interesting of the bunch to me and I’m excited to see the full details from Apple. Although I’m not in the market for one at the moment, I would always love to have a more powerful home server.

➝ Source: m.youtube.com

Apple Plans Redesigned iMac, New Mac Pro, Smaller Mac Pro, Cheaper Monitor ➝

Mark Gurman, on the smaller Mac Pro:

The second version, however, will use Apple’s own processors and be less than half the size of the current Mac Pro. The design will feature a mostly aluminum exterior and could invoke nostalgia for the Power Mac G4 Cube, a short-lived smaller version of the Power Mac, an earlier iteration of the Mac Pro.

It’s just a rumor. And there isn’t much to go on aside from it being smaller than the current Mac Pro. But if it’s also lower cost — in the realm of the entry-level 2010-era Mac Pro — I’m going to be very interested.

➝ Source: bloomberg.com

iPad ProMotion ➝

Federico Viticci, on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro’s 120Hz display:

A good way to think about the iPad’s new display with ProMotion is not the difference between low-res and Retina screens, but the jump from 30fps to 60fps. You see more of every animation. Text is more legible when you scroll and doesn’t judder. It’s hard to explain and it has to be seen and experienced to be fully understood. Every scroll, page transition, and app launch animation on the 10.5” iPad Pro is absurdly smooth to the point of feeling unrealistic at first – hence the common reaction that something doesn’t quite compute. But as you spend some time with the new iPad and start using it on a daily basis, its display becomes normal and you wish that other Apple displays were the same.

I would be surprised if this new display technology doesn’t make its way into the iPhone this year.

New Apple Display Still on Track for Release ➝

John Paczkowski, on Twitter:

Thunderbolt Display takes dirt nap as expected. Sources telling me next-gen display will indeed have integrated GPU

Paczkowski is well-informed — it looks like Apple just wasn’t ready to announce the new display.

Apple Is Discontinuing Its Thunderbolt Display ➝

Matthew Panzarino, reporting for TechCrunch:

Apple today announced that it is discontinuing its Thunderbolt Display, the large external display many use to connect to Macbooks or other Macs for extra screen real estate. This is very likely to fuel speculation (which has been ongoing) that Apple will soon launch a 4k or 5k version of the display.

What if Apple isn’t planning to release a successor at all? Think about it, when was the last time Apple announced that a product was being discontinued without even announcing a new version?

No Apple Display With Integrated GPU at WWDC ➝

Rene Ritchie, expanding upon the aforelinked tweet:

There’d been some speculation on Twitter and rumor reports about Apple possibly introducing a display with an integrated eGPU. Theory being, it would take some of the graphical processing overhead off MacBooks and/or facilitate a single-cable connection that could drive 5K. It sounds cool, but I asked around, and it’s not happening at the keynote or any time in the immediate future.

It looks like WWDC is going to be more of a software-focused event. And that sounds great to me.

Rumored Apple Display Could Include Integrated Graphics ➝

Benjamin Mayo, reporting for 9 to 5 Mac:

Independently, we have heard some rumblings about what the new display might offer. Finally bringing it up to speed with its Retina display Mac cousins, the new ‘Thunderbolt Display’ will likely feature a 5K resolution display 5120×2880 pixels. Moreover, sources indicate that Apple will take the display in a surprising direction, specifically suggesting that Apple plans to integrate a dedicated external GPU into the display itself.

My understanding is that current display connection standards are less than ideal for powering super high-resolution monitors. That’s one of the reasons Apple has only shipped Retina displays in notebooks, iPhones, andiPads. It seems that the best way Apple has found to remedy that problem is to integrate the GPU into the display itself allowing for a more robust connection between the two.

The upside is, no matter how powerful your Mac’s internal graphics is, it will capable of powering this new monitor. But the downside is, it will likely require Thunderbolt 3.

(Via Nick Heer.)