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The Day David Heinemeir Hansson Became a Millionaire ➝

David Heinemeir Hansson, writing on Medium:

For the first few months, I barely touched any of the money. Sure, I bought a big screen TV and more DVD boxsets than I could hope to consume, but it wasn’t like I couldn’t have done that anyway. It wasn’t until near the end of that year I finally drew down on the account of cliched purchases: A yellow Lamborghini! While all very nice, very wonderful, it didn’t, as we say, really move the needle of deep satisfaction.

What kept moving the needle, though, was programming Ruby, building Basecamp, writing for Signal v Noise, taking pictures, and enjoying all the same avenues of learning and entertainment my already privileged lifestyle had afforded me for years in advance.

I enjoy purchasing new gear as much as everybody else, but nothing makes me happier than hitting publish, sharing a photo with loved ones, or learning something new.