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‘Adoption Takes Time’ ➝

David Chartier, in response to Jason Snell and John Gruber’s opinion of 3D Touch:

I’m surprised at these perspectives on what seems to be a by-the-book Apple feature introduction. Not only are 3D Touch, peek, and pop quite useful (perhaps after some new muscle memory), they have the same introduction and adoption pattern as other recent, significant Apple hardware innovations. […]

I wager 3D Touch will simply take time for many of us, and maybe a couple more ads as well. It will also get a couple more chances in the spotlight as Apple rolls it (and any improvements) out to the rest of iOS at major product launches.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life ➝

The Wirecutter:

One of the biggest complaints people have about their smartphone is that the battery doesn’t last long enough. For many people, just making it through the day can be a challenge, which is why you see so many “How to make your phone’s battery last longer!” articles in your friends’ Facebook feeds. But many of the claims in those articles are specious at best, and some of the tricks they suggest could actually shorten your battery life. So which ones should you try?

We partnered with The New York Times to find the answer by testing, on both Android and iPhone smartphones, a slew of procedures that people, publications, and—in some cases—smartphone manufacturers suggest for getting more use time out of your phone. The article on the NYT website includes a summary of our findings, but if you want to know more, read on for our extended recommendations.

This is a great read, but I would specifically direct your attention to the Battery-saving myths section. It’s filled with information that every smartphone owner should know.

(Via David Chartier.)

A List of All the Other Things iCloud Syncs ➝

David Chartier, writing on Finer Things in Tech:

Apple tells you a number of things that iCloud syncs between devices in Settings (or System Preferences) > iCloud, such as Photos, Contacts, and Reminders. But I’ve noticed a number of other OS-level things that sync between my devices (presumably through iCloud), but Apple doesn’t seem to keep a central, comprehensive list. Let’s make one.

There’s actually several in here that I wasn’t aware of.

Using the App Switcher to Organize Your Home Screen ➝

David Chartier writing on Finer Things in Tech:

At least some of the apps you see regularly in the first 1-3 collections of the app switcher are probably prime candidates for your first Home Screen. You may find that apps you previously buried in a folder on the last page are the ones you use most frequently, and moving them to your first Home Screen can save you some daily time and effort digging to find them.