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CurrentC Ends Beta Tests, Will Deactivate Accounts Later This Month ➝

Ashlee Kieler, reporting for The Consumerist:

Weeks after CurrentC was delayed (again) and half the team was laid off, the mobile payment that was supposed to serve as a merchant-backed alternative to payment systems from Apple and Android may be over for good. Or at least that’s the impression one might get from an email sent to testers of the system.

A couple of key points from the email:

  • June 28 will be the last day that transactions will be accepted using CurrentC.
  • All active accounts will be disabled on June 28 and those users will not be able to access their account from the app.

We all know it’s bound to happen eventually, this is just another sign of the inevitable.

Chase Announces Chase Pay ➝

Just what the world needs, a contactless payment solution which uses QR codes. I wonder how CurrentC is doing these days.

CurrentC Has Been Hacked ➝

Sarah Perez, writing for TechCrunch:

Within the last 36 hours, MCX says it learned that unauthorized third parties obtained the email addresses of some of its CurrentC pilot program participants and other individuals who had expressed interest in the app.

The group has now notified its merchant partners about the incident and is communicating directly with those individuals whose email addresses were involved, a company spokesperson tells us.

It’s never a good sign when their’s a data leak this early on in a payment system’s life. This is the first example of why CurrentC is destined to fail.