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Browser Choice and Holding the Platform Back ➝

Chris Coyier, writing for CSS-Tricks:

You can download apps that are named Chrome or Firefox, or anything else, but they are just veneer over Safari. If you’re viewing a website on iOS, it’s Safari. […]

I’ll say how I feel: that sucks. I have this expensive computer in my pocket and it feels unfair that it is hamstrung in this very specific way of not allowing other browser engines. I also have an Apple laptop and it’s not hamstrung in that way, and I really hope it never is.

Apple is holding the platform back. They should allow the installation of apps from elsewhere and improve the situation on the App Store by better policing all the garbage apps filled with ads and dark patterns.

Users that prefer the more curated experience can get everything through the App Store and everyone that wants a bit more freedom can toggle a switch in Settings and start installing apps from GitHub, developer’s websites, and so on.

And for the folks that have a more nuanced approach, they can install a few apps from outside of the App Store — like a web browser, code editor, etc. — and get everything else from the App Store.

(Via Matt Birchler.)

➝ Source: css-tricks.com