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Crossy Road on Apple TV Commercial ➝

Apple released five new ads, each featuring a different media app or games. The aforelinked one is my favorite of the bunch, but the others are great, too — Asphalt 8, Disney Infinity, HBO NOW, and Netflix.

Everything Changes with iPad ➝

It’s a good ad and a great campaign, but I wish they would have produced commercials for each of the tasks instead of just the one compilation spot. I think it would be beneficial to the iPad as a brand if they spent time focusing on individual things it can do rather than trying to pitch it as a whole in 90 seconds.

Misunderstood ➝

I don’t typically link to Apple commercials anymore. They’re all great, but every once in a while they make one that is worthy of praise. This one is simply brilliant.

Verizon iPhone Commercial ➝

It’s very impressive.