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Comcast Document Admits Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Congestion ➝

Chris Morran, writing for Consumerist:

That parenthetical was not added by us. This is an admission by Comcast that its data cap has absolutely nothing to do with easing the load on its network.

Instead, it’s — according to the script — about “Fairness and providing a more flexible policy to our customers.”

We’ll give you a second to wipe off your screen from the spit-take you might have just done while reading that.

The documents were originally leaked on 4Chan last week, but they have since been shared on Reddit by a user who managed to download them before the thread expired.

Why Comcast Thinks it Can Buy Time Warner Cable ➝

Peter Kafka explaining Comcast’s argument as to why it believes it should be allowed to purchase Time Warner Cable:

It’s okay for a giant cable company to buy another giant cable company, because cable companies don’t compete.

One protected monopoly purchasing another protected monopoly. I could imagine a world in which Comcast starts laying cable in an area that Time Warner currently controls. Enough lobbying could make that happen. But, in a world in which Comcast and Time Warner are the same company, it would never happen. That’s not good for customers.