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Eero Lays Groundwork for HomeKit Router Support in Latest Firmware Update ➝

Christopher Close, writing for iMore:

It appears that HomeKit router support may be hitting the scene soon, as the latest update to eero Wi-Fi routers is exposing the system to the Home app. The eero firmware update, version 3.18.0 was released earlier today, and while it doesn’t specifically mention HomeKit support, we can confirm that it is showing up for the latest generation eero Wi-Fi system, released late last year.

The update shipped early last week, but I just now had a chance to read this story. I can confirm that my Eero Pro is showing up as an available device when you start the Home app’s “Add Accessory” flow. There isn’t a way to actually add it, though, because the Home app asks for a HomeKit code that doesn’t exist. But it certainly seems like they’re laying the groundwork for a release that’s coming very soon.

➝ Source: imore.com