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Chris Breen Joins Apple ➝

Chris Breen, writing on his personal weblog:

Just a note to say that I’ve left Macworld to work for a Cupertino-based technology company you may be familiar with. […]

As part of this change I’ll be leaving the public stage as Chris Breen Technology Guy (though I may still pop up as Chris Breen Musician Guy at a saloon near you). When the mood strikes I’ll continue writing here about topics unrelated to technology, compose the occasional podcast theme, post beach pictures on Flickr, and spout the usual nonsense on Twitter (where you can unfollow me @BodyofBreen). Otherwise, until further notice, my technology writing/speaking/radio/video/podcasting days are at an end.

It’s sad that there won’t be any more technology articles written by or podcasts featuring Chris Breen, but I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons for him to be excited about the future.

Farewell Front Row ➝

Chris Breen reminds us that OS X Lion does not include Front Row, and offers a possible solution. I spent the entire beta period wondering why no one mentioned Front Row in Lion. And, it wasn’t until a few days ago that I learned that Apple has removed Front Row from OS X.

What’s disappointing about this is that I am replacing my main computer — a 2008 iMac — with a MacBook Air and was planning on moving the iMac to the bedroom and using it as a media playback device. But, no Front Row means I have to either try Chris Breen’s solution or test out PlexBoxee, or XBMC.

I just really hope that I won’t have to downgrade to Snow Leopard just for its 10-foot interface.