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Current Publishing Trends ➝

Chris Bowler:

A lot of sites (big or small) are starting to remove dates from articles. Whether it’s so the content appears to be evergreen or SEO tactics or other, it’s bad form. The date is an important piece of information about an article.

I’ve noticed this trend as well and I absolutely hate it. I can understand downplaying when the article was written to some extent, but don’t remove it entirely. No matter what the topic is the date of publishing is always relevant.

Back to The Weekly Review ➝

Chris Bowler:

Fast forward to the end of 2015, I’m at a new job and the founders are smart folks. They understand the importance of a balanced life and we have a firm 40 hour work week. This has allowed me to spend more time writing once again. And so I’m happy to say that The Weekly Review is ready to go for 2016, with the first copy going out this morning.

I didn’t hesitate to subscribe and can’t wait to have this in my inbox regularly.

Chris Bowler on Twitter ➝

The latest changes to the official Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPad were a beginning down a road I hate to see Loren’s work associated with. Both unwanted and tasteless, if this is where the service is going, it makes me wonder if I want to partake in it.