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Anker PowerPort III Charging Bricks ➝

Marius Masalar:

At my desk, I’ve been able to replace two of Apple’s standard 29w charging bricks with Anker’s new PowerPort III alternative, freeing up an outlet slot.

Though it’s only slightly larger, Anker’s charger provides more than twice the power output and can balance charging between both connected devices. If there’s only a single device connected, it can take advantage of the full 60w to really speed up charging—a 13” MacBook Pro can be fully recharged in just over two hours.

This charger also has another trick up its sleeve: interchangeable plugs.

I received this charger as a gift for Christmas and it’s quite nice. Having a single unit that can power a couple of devices is really handy, especially with both ports being USB-C — my cable connector of choice. And although I don’t have any immediate travel plans in the future, the ability to switch plug types will be clutch when Automattic starts having meetups again.

I don’t have any experience with the 20w model that Marius mentions in the piece, but I expect it’s great too.

➝ Source: mariusmasalar.me