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‘Why I’m Finally Leaving Cable TV’ ➝

Chris Plante, writing for The Verge:

For years I figured that when I scrapped my cable plan, it would be because an even easier option appeared. But this week, I’ve considered finally cutting the cord for a different reason: subscriptions services better respect my time.

In fact, now I recognize all the ways cable is designed to waste my time.

The key point for me is the lack of advertising. I pay less for a Netflix and Hulu subscription than anyone I know pays for cable and I never have to sit through a single commercial. With cable, unless I take the time to setup DVR recordings before a show airs, I’m stuck watching it live. And even if I remember to record it, I still have to fast-forward through ads and hope that I hit play at just the right moment. That’s less “entertaining” and more “nerve-racking.”

Purchasing Your Own Cable Modem May Save Money and Allow for Faster Data Speeds ➝

I used a cable modem provided by Time Warner Cable up until they began charging a monthly fee for them a couple years ago. That’s when I first invested in a cable modem of my own and I can’t believe I hadn’t done so earlier. The new modem allowed for much faster internet speeds, a cheaper cable bill, and I no longer needed to power cycle my modem every few weeks. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend it.

Cable TV Shows Are Sped Up to Squeeze in More Ads ➝

Just in case you needed another reason to cancel your cable subscription.

TWC Offers HBO with Basic Cable for $30 a Month ➝

Seems like a pretty good deal but I’d rather them offer a plan similar to Comcast’s HBO plus internet plan. I’m not really interested in having cable television.

Netflix May Soon be in Cable Boxes ➝

Why would a cable company agree to have Netflix on their set-top-box? Wouldn’t that just make for an easier transition for customers to eventually cut the cord?