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Very Few People Are Using AI Products Like ChatGPT ➝

We have a couple of projects at work that utilize AI and I will occasionally get useful information from Brave Search’s AI-powered answers tool. But aside from that, I don’t use any AI products at all. I think the tech is barely functional for the vast majority of proposed use cases.

➝ Source: m.slashdot.org

Brave Lays Off 9% of Its Workforce ➝

Ivan Mehta, reporting for TechCrunch:

Brave Software, the maker of Brave Browser and Search, confirmed that it has laid off 9% of its staff across departments.

The company didn’t specify how many people were affected, but it corroborated the development and said the decision was driven by the tough economic climate.

I think they were in the 200–300 employee range. This isn’t great to see and I hope those that lost their jobs will land on their feet. But I also hope this is a one-time adjustment that will give them the breathing room they need to continue building.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

➝ Source: techcrunch.com

Brave Search Launches Independent Image and Video Search ➝


After several months of development, Brave Search is releasing its own privacy-preserving image and video search that is independent from Big Tech search engines. Users will no longer need to leave Brave Search for image and video search results. Now any Brave Search query can be served directly from Brave’s own index, enabling users to benefit from a fully independent search engine that protects their privacy and is censorship-resistant. 

Brave’s search results are getting quite good and the addition of image and video makes it even more appealing.

I’m not ready to give up on SearXNG quite yet, but I can imagine moving to Brave in the future if only because I’d no longer have the responsibility of maintaining the SearXNG service.

I wish I could tell all of my friends and family to switch to Brave Search, but most of them use Safari and Apple hasn’t added Brave as a search engine option. Hopefully the folks at Brave will be able to convince Apple to remedy that soon.

➝ Source: brave.com

Brave’s Statement on Web Environment Integrity ➝

As far as I could tell, Mozilla hasn’t made a statement about this at all. Perhaps their reliance on Google for funding has a much larger influence on the direction of Firefox than Brave’s use of Chromium does.

➝ Source: brave.com

Brave Search Now Using Its Own Index for 100% of Queries ➝


Every Web search result seen in Brave Search is now served by our own index. We’ve removed all search API calls to Bing, which previously represented about 7% of query results.

Now they just need to convince Apple to offer it as a default search option in Safari so I can start hounding my friends and family to switch.

➝ Source: brave.com

Blocking Annoying and Privacy-Harming Cookie Consent Banners ➝


Starting with the current Brave Nightly, and in version 1.45 when it releases in October, the Brave browser will block cookie consent notifications on Android and Desktop (and, soon after, on iOS). Cookie consent notifications are an infamous and near-constant annoyance on the Web. They break and disrupt one of the main benefits of the Web: the ability to browse content across many sites and publishers conveniently and easily. And, what is ironic, many cookie consent systems actually track users, introducing the exact harm the consent systems were supposed to prevent.

New versions of Brave will hide—and, where possible, completely block—cookie consent notifications.

I’m looking forward to this feature launching.

➝ Source: brave.com

Firefox Reiterates Continued Support for Manifest V2 ➝

Mike Conley, writing in Firefox Nightly News:

I’m sticking with Brave for the time being, but if something happens upstream in Chromium that prevents them from fully supporting ad blockers, I’ll be looking at Firefox as an alternative.

➝ Source: blog.nightly.mozilla.org

Third-Party Browsers and Apple Pay on iOS 16 ➝

I’ve been trying out Brave again on iOS recently and discovered that iOS 16 added support for Apple Pay in third-party web browsers. Apparently it was first added in beta 4, referenced in the main link.

I just ordered a Tech Kit from Bellroy using Apple Pay in Brave and the experience was as smooth as you’d expect. I hope this is a sign if things to come from Apple in regards to third-party browsers on iOS.

➝ Source: macrumors.com