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Boring Old Menu Bar ➝

I finally upgraded my work laptop to Big Sur and I’m not fond of the design changes from Catalina. There is quite a bit to be annoyed by, but the translucent menu bar is the biggest for me.

After a bit of digging, I found this app to bring back the old design. It works well, but I wish Apple would give us more built-in setting for this sort of thing.

➝ Source: publicspace.net

M1 Macs Running Big Sur 11.4 Support External Disks Fully ➝

Howard Oakley:

I’m delighted to report that five months after I wrote that M1 Macs had problems starting up from external disks, Apple has finally fixed Big Sur 11.4 so that they now work fully.

If you have an M1 Mac, you should now be able to connect supported storage, such as an SSD, install on it any version of Big Sur from 11.2 onwards, select that in the Startup Disk pane, and boot your Mac from that external disk.

This is very good news. I’d like to buy a new Mac Mini to replace our aging home server and my plan was to buy one with the base storage capacity and use an external disk as the boot drive. But the wonky-ness of booting from an external drive gave me pause.

I still don’t know when I’ll end up ordering the Mac Mini, but at least I don’t have to worry about whether I can boot from an external drive with it or not.

➝ Source: eclecticlight.co

SuperDuper! Beta Can Now Make Big Sur Backups ➝

Dave Nanian, writing in Shirt Pocket Watch:

As such, we can finally release a Beta that works as expected on both Intel Macs (now) and M1 Macs (assuming you have installed 11.4 Beta 1 or later).

To be clear, this is only possible because Apple made it possible in macOS 11.4. I’m certain it required changes to the M1’s startup process and to asr to finally make it happen. Without those changes, we couldn’t have done this in a supported way.

I’m really happy the teams involved made the effort.

I can start thinking about upgrading to Big Sur once 11.4 and this version of SuperDuper! officially ships.

➝ Source: shirtpocket.com

Replacicon, a Replacement App Icon Manager ➝

From the site:

Replacicon makes it easy to find and replace app icons on the Mac. It scans online sources containing thousands of replacement app icons for each of your installed macOS apps. In just a click, you can change your app icons so they better match the rest of the system, or your own tastes. […]

Replacicon even watches for app updates in the background so your customized icons are not lost across app updates.

It only works on Big Sur and I don’t have any machines that have been updated to it yet. But I still bought this app. It seems like a great piece of software.

➝ Source: replacicon.app

Boring Old Menu Bar ➝

I don’t plan to upgrade to Big Sur for several months after release. But I’m not too fond of the translucent menu bar, so when I eventually upgrade, I’ll probably use an app like this.

➝ Source: publicspace.net

Bootable Backups and Big Sur ➝

Dave Nanian, writing about SuperDuper! on Big Sur:

At present, it’s not possible to make bootable copies of Big Sur, even with asr, Apple’s own built-in replication utility. As such, we haven’t released a Beta, or even an internal Alpha, because it wouldn’t meet our own requirements.

So, for the moment, we’re holding back, hoping that Apple will fix the issues and allow 3rd party (or even 1st party, given asr) bootable backups. While asr was failing completely in previous builds, in the most recent one it isn’t able to back up because the system volume isn’t properly ‘sealed’ (which is ominous, since why wouldn’t a standard install be sealed, and if it’s not, why wouldn’t you be able to back it up anyway).

So, while progress is being made, we’re kind of stuck waiting for the king.

This is from about a month ago at this point, but I haven’t seen any new information that shows bootable backups are possible with newer betas.

Over the past few years I’ve been much more hesitant to upgrade macOS immediately after major version are released. My machine is far too essential to risk breaking anything. So I’ve been waiting several months before I upgrade.

Even if that wasn’t the case, though, this news about the inability to create bootable backups would give me pause. Although, Time Machine and Backblaze are my primary, everyday backup systems, SuperDuper! is essential to me. When I travel or send in my machine for repair, albeit rare, I always do a SuperDuper! backup so I can get up and running quickly if anything happens.

If I upgrade to Big Sur and bootable backups aren’t even possible, I’d always have a little bit of worry in the back of my mind that I would want or need to create one and wouldn’t be able to.

➝ Source: shirtpocket.com