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Apple’s Royalty Rates During Free Trials ➝

Ben Sisario, writing for The New York Times:

For each song that is streamed free, Apple will pay 0.2 cent for the use of recordings, a rate that music executives said was roughly comparable to the free tiers from services like Spotify. This rate does not include a smaller payment for songwriting rights that goes to music publishers; Apple is still negotiating with many publishers over those terms, several publishing companies confirmed on Wednesday.

I can imagine Apple signing up tens of millions of customers for Apple Music. But if we conservatively estimate at 10 million users streaming an average of 20 tracks per day, that’s $400,000 a day paid to artists and record labels. Or $12 million a month. That may be insignificant to Apple’s bottom line, but might make a huge difference for some independent band that manages to release a hit single.


NYT Profiles Zane Lowe ➝

Ben Sisario, writing for The New York Times:

Compared with the mild-mannered corporate executives who usually represent Apple in public, Mr. Lowe is a new kind of animal for the company. A motormouth both on and off the air, he is an irrepressible advocate for the music he chooses to promote. And like that of the legendary BBC announcer John Peel before him, his endorsement carries major weight: Among the artists Mr. Lowe got behind early are Adele, Ed Sheeran and the Arctic Monkeys.

Sisario also notes that Pharrell Williams, Drake, Elton John, Dr. Dre and other celebrities will have shows on Beats 1.

I can’t wait to give it a listen, but I’m concerned that the station isn’t for me. I don’t like to a lot of popular music and many of the bands I love most are practically no names to my friends and family. Maybe Beats 1 will help me broaden my musical taste, but I’m worried that it’s going to be filled with the kind of music I expect from terrestrial radio — the same mainstream fare that I avoid because I just don’t enjoy it.

For those curious, my current musical obsessions are State Champs, Against the Current, Echosmith, and Tonight Alive.