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How to Generate AI Art With Stable Diffusion on a Mac ➝

If you’re looking to generate AI art like all the cool kids, this is the easiest method I’ve found for doing so on macOS.

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

Apple Accused of Promoting Scam Apps in App Store ➝

William Gallagher, writing for AppleInsider:

In a Twitter thread started by developer Simeon, Apple is shown to be promoting an app called Jelly: Slime simulation ASMR in its list of “featured” apps.

This app has a free three-day trial, then charges $9.64 (AU$13) per week.

If Apple is going to promote an app like this, why would we trust them when they say the App Store leads to a safer software environment for users?

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

Apple’s M1 Now Supported by Linux Kernel in Version 5.13 ➝

Malcolm Owen, writing for AppleInsider:

For Mac users, the key addition to the kernel is support for a number of ARM-based chips, which crucially includes the M1. The new kernel is therefore able to be run natively on Apple Silicon hardware, including the M1 Mac mini and the 24-inch iMac.

While the ability to use M1 is included, Phoronix reports there’s still more work to be done, including adding support for accelerated graphics. Other changes include a variety of updated drivers, architecture and file system improvements, and changes to process handling and tooling.

I expect I’ll setup dual booting on my next Mac.

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

New Study Finds That Night Shift Does Not Improve Sleep Quality or Quantity ➝

Amber Neely, writing for AppleInsider:

Features like Apple’s Night Shift are designed to shift the light emitted from your devices away from the blue light spectrum. In addition to supposedly being better for your eyes, many device manufacturers also claim that this helps improve users’ sleep quality.

However, a new sleep study performed by Brigham Young University challenges that claim, showing that Night Shift and similar features don’t improve sleep quality or the hours of sleep an individual gets.

The study relied on a little bit of self reporting and only included 167 participants, it the results aren’t surprising to me. I’ve always felt like whole blue light claim was dubious.

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

Developer Suing Apple Over Scam Apps on the App Store ➝

How many of the developer relations issues that Apple has to deal with would be completely eliminated if you could just install iOS apps from outside the App Store?

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

How to Get an Old macOS Installer From Apple ➝

If you have older Macs around the house, this link might be worth saving for a rainy day.

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

iOS 12 Brings iPhone X Gestures to the iPad ➝

Stephen Silver, writing for AppleInsider:

Many of the iOS gestures that debuted last year with the iPhone X will come to a wider variety of devices later this year when iOS 12 is released, including the iPad, AppleInsider has confirmed after downloading the beta to a first-generation iPad Pro. New gestures that debuted in the iPhone X, released late last year, included swiping up from the gesture bar to get to the lock screen, and swiping up again to reach the home screen.

The most obvious conclusion to draw from this is that the iPad might lose the home button and gain Face ID. But I don’t think we needed this software update to tell us that, it seemed pretty obvious from the moment Apple announced the iPhone X that this is the direction they were heading in.

Steam Link Lets You Play Mac and PC Games on iOS and tvOS ➝

Andrew O’Hara, writing for AppleInsider:

Using the new Steam Link app, you can play nearly any Steam game that you can play on your Mac or PC on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. There are a variety of asterisks with that, such as the fact both devices must be on the same network and connected through Ethernet or 5GHz Wi-Fi, but this is a pretty minor limitation these days.

Valve’s official Steam controller is also able to be paired directly with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV to control those games. If you either don’t like the divisive Steam controller, any MFi controller will work as well, including the exceptional Steel Series Nimbus.

I don’t own a particularly powerful Mac at the moment, but in a few months, I should have a new iMac on my desk. And I’m very excited about the notation of playing high-quality, modern games in my living room without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a dedicated gaming console.