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Making the Case Against an Apple Television Set ➝

The idea of an Apple television set has never made sense to me for a number of reasons — most of which is discussed in this piece by Neil Cybart. But the one reason that I’ve never seen anyone else mention is the physical limitations of Apple’s retail stores. They have to keep dozens of these televisions somewhere in their stock room and dedicate a portion of their sales floor to display models. From a logistics standpoint, this just might not be possible in their smaller locations.

Now, obviously Apple is going to make decisions about what products they’re able to produce solely on how they would be managed in their retail stores. But I could certainly see it being a topic of discussion when their trying to decide whether it’s a worth-while endeavor.

Apple Already Makes TVs ➝

M.G. Siegler on the recent news that Apple shelved development of a television set:

why on Earth would they want to do that? Even for a company with the manufacturing chops of Apple, a 60-inch screen would be complicated. Glass. Shipping. Storing. Showcasing. Margins. Etc.

At the same time, a whole generation is now growing up used to watching television content on their phones and/or tablets. Or, at the very least, their laptops. For all intents and purposes, these are televisions. And guess what? Apple already makes them!

Every friend I had growing up had a TV in their bedroom. It was kind of a right of passage that your parents would buy a TV for you when they thought you were responsible enough to have one. But,  that no longer seems to be as common. Today, nearly every teenager has a smartphone they carry in their pocket and if they have a TV-like device in their room it’s more likely to be a computer or a tablet.

When those smartphone, computer, or tablet touting kids become adults, how many of them are going to spend $300-400 on a TV? Many of them will be just as happy to, instead, spend that money on a computer or tablet and go without a traditional TV well into their 20s.

Simply based on habits developed in the average person’s childhood and teenage years, I wonder how long it will continue to be the norm for every living room in America to house a large television set. At some point it seems that there will be a transition away from one large screen toward smaller, more personal devices for everyone in the house.

I think Apple was wise to shelve development of a television set. Not just because of margins, shipping, and physical space in their stores, but because it’s a market that will eventually die due to the proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and computers. And Apple’s already doing quite well in that market.