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Google Adding iPhone-Like Visual Voicemail to Android M ➝

Ryan Whitwam, writing for Android Central:

Voicemails are terrible. Anyone willing to sit through the message and talk to a machine rather than send you a text message probably doesn’t have good news. Android M will make the whole process a little less painful with native visual voicemail. It’s just a basic implementation in the preview, and it won’t work on all carriers just yet. Still, pretty cool.

I thought Android added this year’s ago, but I guess it was never built into the OS. Either way, it feels like a case of “too little, too late” — the days of voicemail being a thing are behind us. Now it’s all text messages, email, and DMs.

Android Central Reviews the Motorola Xoom ➝

Phil Nickinson:

If a 10-inch tablet’s the size for you, and you can put up with the weight, and the headaches Android apps catching up to the Honeycomb universe, and the Xoom’s LTE radio not yet working, and making do with the 32GB of internal storage while you wait for the microSD card to be activated, and can afford the price, by all means, purchase.

That’s a lot of “ifs” for a tablet whose introductory price is $100 more than the iPad 2.