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A Touching but Troubling Ad ➝

JF Martin, on Apple’s latest holiday ad:

On many occasions, parents will give the kids an iPad in order to… calm them down. These little girls certainly seem to move some air around them. Apple wants us to believe these moments become an opportunity for creative expression. Maybe. But this parenting behaviour is far too common in our society. Sure this same thing happened before the iPad. Parents would put us in front of a TV show or a movie so we can give them some relief. Yet, with the iPad, it is even more common because of the device portability. I see this as setting our kids aside from our society, our reality. They no longer learn from their parents, they learn from the Internet.

This was my exact reaction to the ad as well. The ending is quite heartwarming, but all of the moments leading up to it gave me pause. The parents sure seem to push the iPad on these kids a bit more than I would prefer.

Comparing this new ad to, what I consider to be, the best ad of all time. Which was released by Apple in 2013 and has a similar spirit to this new one. The teenager in the 2013 ad isn’t being pushed toward using devices, he uses them as a way to express himself and share memories with the family. It isn’t a result of parents occupying his time, it’s something he wanted to do.

➝ Source: numericcitizen.me

Apple Dot Com Slash Switch ➝

A new section on Apple’s website encouraging Android users to switch to iPhone. It launches alongside a handful of ads with similar messaging and design aesthetic.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Advertisements ➝

I don’t typically link to Apple commercials anymore, but this new campaign is just delightful. It’s like a cross between their Get a Mac ads and Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

Crossy Road on Apple TV Commercial ➝

Apple released five new ads, each featuring a different media app or games. The aforelinked one is my favorite of the bunch, but the others are great, too — Asphalt 8, Disney Infinity, HBO NOW, and Netflix.

Latest Apple Music Ads Debut Featuring The Weeknd ➝

I have no idea what’s going on — why is there a car on fire and why is John Travolta driving a limo?

If that’s not weird enough, here’s part two.

Apple Releases New ‘Hardware and Software’ Advertisement ➝

They’ve also released an ad titled “Loved,” both of which are part of a new ad campaign with the tagline: “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.”

Three New Apple Watch Ads ➝

The one linked above — Us — is by far my favorite of the bunch, but they’ve also released Up and Rise.

The Watch Reimagined ➝

It’s not my favorite Apple ad, but it does a great job showing off the beautiful hardware design and several tasks that the Apple a Watch can be used for.