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Users Love Settings ➝

Adrien Griveau:

Sitting on an airplane is one of those moments where I eventually get bored enough to start exploring my iPhone settings.

While I was reorganizing my phone, I had a sudden realization: Settings are typically seen as the result of design failure. The thinking goes that as designers, our goal is to create product experiences that don’t require any adjustments by the user. Consequently, offering customization options is interpreted as a failure to make firm product decisions.

I think there is a misunderstanding about what settings really are.

I love settings. One of the first things I do when I find a new application is explore its settings and tweak everything I can to my liking. I want to tailor the app to fit how I use it and hide any feature or user interface element that I won’t be interacting with. An app that allows me to do that is a great app.

(Via Matt Birchler.)

➝ Source: linear.app