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On the Lack of a Flagship iPad Pro App from Apple ➝

I haven’t used the iPad Pro at all, but I’d venture to guess that iOS 9 is the killer app. More specifically, split-screen multitasking.

A Hobby No More ➝

Stephen Hackett points out that the Apple TV has been added to Apple’s ever evolving press release boilerplate.

Stephen Hackett Goes Independent ➝

Stephen Hackett:

Starting at the end of this month, I’ll be working from home, recording and editing podcasts, writing here and elsewhere, including The Sweet Setup and monthly at iMore. 512 Pixels took the back burner when we founded Relay last year, and I’m looking forward to giving it some much-needed attention.

I wish Stephen the best of luck and urge everyone to help support 512 Pixels by purchasing one of these snazzy shirts on Teespring.