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‘79% of People Who Signed up for a Trial Are Still Using the Service’ ➝

Apple responds to a recent survey that claimed nearly half of Apple Music users have stopped using the service.

Microsoft Will Control Phone Updates ➝

Microsoft’s response to Ed Bott’s question regarding Windows Phone 7 Updates:

Microsoft will push Windows Phone 7 software updates to end users and all Windows Phone 7 devices will be eligible for updates.

I seems that Microsoft has learned from the mistakes they made with Windows Mobile and the mistakes Google has made with Android. If Microsoft keeps their tight control over hardware specifications, all Windows Phone 7 devices should be able to update to future versions of the OS. Windows Phone 7 users should be much happier wi their purchase knowing this.

Google Buys VoIP Engine ➝

Larry Dignan reporting for ZDNet:

Google on Tuesday said it will acquire Global IP Solutions Holding, which makes processing software for voice and video over IP, for $68.2 million. The deal means that Google will own the voice and video conferencing engine behind its competitors’ instant messaging systems.

Global IP Solutions’ VoIP engine powers Yahoo, AOL, WebEx, and Lotus conferencing. Now Google owns it.

And, we wonder why Apple wants to control its entire technology stack.