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YouTube Premium Is Amazing ➝

Gus Mueller:

A few months ago while watching climbing competition videos on YouTube with the family, I finally broke down and began the 30 day free trial of YouTube Premium.

I now wish I had done it years ago.

Removing ads instantly changed my YouTube viewing habits. What was previously a pit of frustration waiting for horrible little clips to play turned into a wonderful experience of listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan concerts in the background, devouring guitar lessons, enjoying the funk covers of Scary Pockets, and more.

YouTube has become my most frequently used video service for quite sometime now and I can’t imagine that being the case if not for YouTube Premium. It completely changes the experience.

If you’re looking for something interesting to watch, I recommend Glen & Friends Cooking, Grand POOBear, and Summoning Salt, to name a few.

➝ Source: shapeof.com