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Flickr Moving Away From Yahoo Login ➝

itsnihir, writing Flickr’s help forum:

In preparation for launching our new login system, we’re beginning the rollout today of the new Flickr login page. This will take some time, so hang tight if you don’t see it immediately — it’s coming!

For now, the login page will still forward you over to Yahoo, where you’ll continue to use the same credentials as always to sign into your Flickr account. The next step in the process will take a few weeks — we’ll let each member know when it’s time to choose the email address and password you’ll use to log in to Flickr.

I’ve had my eye on Flickr since it was acquired by SmugMug last year. I’ve been using Google Photos as a repository our family photos for a couple of years now, but I’ve never been in love with the idea of handing over so much data to Google. Unfortunately, though, there just wasn’t anything more appealing. iCloud won’t let multiple users backup to a single family library and all other service seem to have pretty mediocre backup apps.

I have quite taken the plunge toward using Flickr as my primary backup service, but moving away from Yahoo logins is a reassuring sign that things are improving. Om Malik started using the service and seems to be quite happy with it so far, Shawn Blanc has followed, and Nick Heer is considering purchasing Pro again. There are signs of life and people are noticing.

I don’t know if Flickr will every be as big as Instagram, but if they can build a solid business around a good photo backup service and a small community of dedicated users, I would consider that a raving success.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

Tumblr to Introduce Ad Platform ➝

From the Tumblr Staff weblog:

On Thursday, we’re going to introduce ads on Tumblrs, so that later this year people can start making money from their blogs.

Tumblr is a place where brilliant, creative, funny, impossible people shape culture. Some of you have even turned your passions into jobs: book deals, music careers, paid gigs with the Creatrs program. Now, (soon!) that opportunity will be available to any eligible Tumblr—poet, musician, fan artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike.

It’s fascinating that a service as old as Tumblr has gone this long without an advertising platform. The service is nearly ten years old and features one of the most vibrant communities on the Internet. I would have expected something like this shortly after their acquisition by Yahoo in 2013. But here we are, three years later, and it’s just now launching.

Marissa Mayer Unveils Make-Or-Break Plan for Yahoo ➝

Richard Nieva, writing for CNET:

Marissa Mayer is cleaning house. The question is whether the makeover is to keep Yahoo going for the long term or to sweep out the clutter and attract potential buyers.

To turn Yahoo around, the CEO said Tuesday that she’s cutting about 1,700 jobs, shutting down services like Games, and selling off patents and real estate in the hopes of adding $1 billion to $3 billion to the company’s coffers this year. She’s also put out a call to would-be buyers, saying she and Yahoo’s board are ready to “engage on qualified strategic proposals.”

I’m afraid Yahoo is too far gone at this point. Think about it, when was the last time you relied on a Yahoo owned-service? For me, it was Flickr about five years ago.

Yahoo Mail Eliminates Passwords as Part of a Major Redesign ➝

Casey Newton, writing for The Verge:

Here’s how Account Key works. You link your Yahoo account to a mobile device, most likely a smartphone. When you go to log in to Yahoo Mail on the web, enter your email address and tab down to the password. Yahoo will recognize that the account has the feature enabled and send a push notification to your device. You can approve or deny the login directly from the notification.

This is a clever way of dealing with the problems associated with password-based authentication.

Diversity of Tech Companies by the Numbers ➝

Nick Heer:

I’ve gathered up the latest round of diversity reports from the same companies — Apple, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo — to see how they’ve done with the past year to grow. As with last year, these figures are compared against the latest available national statistics, from 2013, and some analysis will follow.

A great compilation of data comparing the diversity of some of the most influential and powerful tech companies.

Yahoo Sunsets Pipes, Maps, and More ➝

It’s always sad when neat web tools like these are shut down. But, Yahoo needs to do whatever it can to slim its initiatives in order for employees to focus their efforts on products that are, or will be, more successful than these ever could. My hopes aren’t high — Yahoo hasn’t really done much in the past few years — but I really would love to see them get back to what they were in their glory days.

(Via TechCrunch.)

Yahoo Reorganization May End Tumblr’s Run as an Independent Unit ➝

It was only a matter of time.

Yahoo as Default Search on iOS ➝

Kara Swisher reports on Marissa Mayer’s attempt to convince Apple to switch iOS’s default search engine from Google to Yahoo. I don’t think I’ve ever used Yahoo search full time at any point in my life, and I don’t think Apple will go for it.