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The Case for MacBooks Without a Webcam ➝

Riccardo Mori:

From a design standpoint, removing the notch and the webcam would be a win both in the looks and functionality departments. MacBook Pros’ displays would have cleaner lines again; bezels could be made even thinner (you bezels-obsessed folks are already gasping in excitement, I know) and displays a bit larger without making the laptop physically bigger. I bet most MacBook Pro users would accept this kind of trade-off. Overall, I consider the idea of removing the webcam from MacBook Pros less crazy than slapping a notch in the top centre of the display.

It probably wouldn’t be a wise idea to remove webcams from MacBooks, but the notch can’t survive long term. It’s ugly. It really is.

I’m sure everyone gets used to the notch eventually, but if you had the option remove it and keep the small bezels and your webcam, wouldn’t you?

➝ Source: morrick.me