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Carrot Weather ➝

I still use Weather Line when I want to check the forecast on my iPhone and Dark Sky for its Today View widget, but Carrot is by far the best watchOS weather app I’ve used.

The Best Lock Screen Widgets for iOS ➝

A great list of iOS widgets by Lory Gil. I make extensive use of widgets in both my iPhone and iPad, checking them several times each day. Here’s my current setup on iPhone:

And on iPad, I also use Omnistat’s battery widget, PCalc, and CornerTube.

Weather Line iPhone App ➝

My new favorite weather app for iPhone. I installed it a few days ago and haven’t looked back since. The best feature is its short-term precipitation forecasting which uses the Dark Sky API as the data source.

I’ve seen people recommend Weather Line for quite some time and honestly can’t say why I’ve waited so long to give it a try. It really is the best weather app for iPhone.