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Apple Braided Solo Loop ➝

I was a huge fan of the Woven Nylon band and started hoarding them after they were discontinued a couple years ago — I have eight of them now. No other Watch band was nearly as comfortable. Every single one of them sat too tight on my wrist, wore a bit too warm, or had some other characteristic that irritated me.

The Braided Solo Loop is near perfect, though. There are enough sizes available to get just the right fit and the material seems to keep my wrist from feeling too warm and sweaty — either because of the texture or the nature of the material itself.

I wish they were available at a lower price, but at the very least, I’m glad Apple is making a Watch band that I enjoy wearing again. I just hope they continue to make them for longer than they made the Woven Nylon Band.

➝ Source: apple.com