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Plex to Offer Free, Ad-Supported Content From Warner Bros. ➝

I’m a proud Plex Pass owner and have gone all-in on it for storing my media. I use it for music, ripped movies and TV shows from DVDs and Blu-rays, and have even stripped the DRM from all my iTunes content to keep in Plex too. I typically use Infuse for playing back video content, but that could change if this Warner Bros. deal turns out well.

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

Warner Bros. and iTunes TV Show Rentals ➝

Associated Press:

Chief Executive Barry Meyer says Warner Bros. didn’t participate in Apple Inc.’s plan to offer TV show rentals for 99 cents because the price was too low and would have hurt sales of full seasons.

The only thing holding back the Apple TV is the content providers and their poor decisions.

Warner Bros. Introduces HD-DVD to Blu-ray Trade in Program ➝

All of those upset HD-DVD owners that chose the wrong format now have a shoulder to cry on. Although that shoulder will cost them $11.90 per disc it is still cheaper than buying new media at Wal-Mart.

Warner Bros. is now allowing HD-DVD owners to send in their Warner Bros. HD-DVD titles and they will send back Blu-ray copies of those movies. The cost is just $4.95 per title plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

The whole process from sending them in to receiving your new Blu-ray discs takes about a month but I’m sure many early adopters would rather wait a month than have obsolete discs.

This is the first program of its kind and I would like to see similar programs crop up with other movie studios. But, then again, I guess I don’t understand why everyone is unwilling to just buy an Apple TV and make it easier on themselves.

Downloads are so much easier than discs.