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URL Schemes in Screens ➝

I use Screens to manage our home server remotely from my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air. It’s an excellent piece of software and is my favorite VNC app by far. I just discovered that the app supports URL schemes, which means you can launch directly into a saved screen through an automation app like Shortcuts.

I setup a shortcut that is saved to my home screen with two actions:

  • A URL action with screens://[name of home server]
  • An Open URL action.

That’s it. Now I can tap on the shortcut and access our home server without having to select it from Screens’ interface.

➝ Source: help.edovia.com

Try iTeleport for 30 Days ➝

I’m not sure how the folks behind iTeleport have managed to get this accepted into the App Store, but you can now try out their remote desktop client for 30 days. After the 30 day period you may purchase more time in 30 day chunks for $2.99 or buy an unlimited number of days for $24.99.

What’s odd about this is that I was under the impression that Apple wouldn’t allow trial periods on applications in the App Store. But, here we are with a 30 day free trial of iTeleport in the App Store.

I had used iTeleport for months before switching to Screens. I was very happy with iTeleport and may switch back because I prefer iTeleport’s mouse interaction — using the iPad’s touchscreen as a trackpad — to Screen’s approach.

If you’ve been looking for a remote desktop client for your iPhone or iPad I would suggest giving iTeleport a try, especially since it’s free for the first 30 days.