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Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer ➝

I was a huge fan of Half-Life back in my PC days in the early 2000s. I sunk countless hours into Half-Life 2 and like many others have hoped that Valve would eventually release a new game in the series. I’m a little bummed that Alyx is being released as a VR game, though, I just can’t imagine myself investing the amount of money necessary to get a VR setup built out. I just hope they release an alternative version of the game that doesn’t require a VR headset and can be played on a console or operating system that I’m actually willing to use.

➝ Source: m.youtube.com

External GPU Support and Virtual Reality on the Mac ➝

Serenity Caldwell, writing for iMore:

Support for an external GPU (or eGPU) effectively provides VR-capable graphics for all of Apple’s Thunderbolt 3-capable Mac line, including the MacBook Pros. They’re not very portable, but they’re powerhouses — designed to crush and process the millions of pixels a VR setup requires.

This means that, yes, soon you’ll be able to — with the appropriate additional hardware — run a VR experience like Star Trek’s Bridge Crew on your Mac. (I can hear our VR editor Russell Holly squealing from here.) But more importantly, developers of VR experiences can build those games on a Mac.

McDonald’s is Now Making Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into VR Headsets ➝

This is a great way to get virtual reality headsets into the hands of children. After seeing this, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a partnership between Google and some fast food company to distribute Cardboard headsets.