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iOS Screen Recorder Removed From App Store ➝

Sarah Perez, writing for TechCrunch:

If you didn’t grab a copy of the new screen recording app Vidyo that sneaked into the iTunes App Store yesterday, it’s now too late. Apple, not surprisingly, has pulled the app from the store. Vidyo quickly drew a lot of attention, given that screen recording utilities are usually prohibited, and there was some hope that Apple’s policies on the matter had changed.

In case you missed it, Vidyo allowed users to record your device’s screen on iPhone and iPad, even when you weren’t using the app itself. That meant you could also record your homescreen. The app made this possible by simulating an AirPlay Mirroring connection – something that also likely contributed to its removal.

I managed to download the app while it was still available Wednesday night and was shocked at how well it worked. Activating the screen recording was a little odd — having to turn on AirPlay to begin the recording — but the resulting videos were impressive. It really is a shame that apps like this aren’t possible under the current App Store rules.