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Apple Should Make a Router ➝

I think ceasing development of their AirPort routers was a huge mistake.

Imagine an alternate reality where the Time Capsule could be used to backup Mac and iOS devices locally. Imagine an AirPort Extreme that had a built-in DOCSIS 4.0 modem. Imagine the AirPort Express merging with the HomePod Mini — a small voice assistant speaker that also acts as a Wi-Fi base station with an audio-out jack for external speakers.

All of these devices, along with the Apple TV, offering mesh Wi-Fi technology and having the option to act as a stand-alone router. You could mix and match to add the functionality that you want and each additional unit improves Wi-Fi range and stability.

They could even add some fancy sensors for temperature and humidity in each of the products to help promote usage of HomeKit.

➝ Source: m.youtube.com

FusionCast, a Podcast to Video Converter ➝

A clever little app from Guilherme Rambo that let’s you quickly create a video from an audio file. It’s designed to allow podcasters to publish their episodes on video publishing platforms. I gave it a try with a random podcast episode from my subscriptions and it is drop-dead simple to use.

I don’t really understand why people listen to audio content on YouTube, but I guess FusionCast could be a powerful tool for podcasters trying to build an audience — letting the algorithm do the work of recommending your episodes to people that might be interested in it based on their viewing habits.

➝ Source: fusioncast.rambo.codes

Laptop Webcams Are All Pretty Bad ➝

I don’t expect the video quality on my MacBook’s webcam to match that of the iPhone 11 Pro, especially since the majority of the time it’s going to be compressed by a video conferencing app and sent over the web. But I sure hope Apple is listening on this — the camera component should be a lot better than it is.

➝ Source: wsj.com

YouTube Premium Is Amazing ➝

Gus Mueller:

A few months ago while watching climbing competition videos on YouTube with the family, I finally broke down and began the 30 day free trial of YouTube Premium.

I now wish I had done it years ago.

Removing ads instantly changed my YouTube viewing habits. What was previously a pit of frustration waiting for horrible little clips to play turned into a wonderful experience of listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan concerts in the background, devouring guitar lessons, enjoying the funk covers of Scary Pockets, and more.

YouTube has become my most frequently used video service for quite sometime now and I can’t imagine that being the case if not for YouTube Premium. It completely changes the experience.

If you’re looking for something interesting to watch, I recommend Glen & Friends Cooking, Grand POOBear, and Summoning Salt, to name a few.

➝ Source: shapeof.com

ViDL for Mac ➝

A nifty new app by Ole Zorn, which is in his words, “basically a GUI wrapper around the youtube-dl command-line tool”.

➝ Source: omz-software.com

Helvetica Documentary Available to Watch for Free ➝

Oh You Pretty Things:

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit is streaming his documentaries free worldwide during the global COVID crisis. Each week we’ll be posting another film here. We hope you enjoy them, and please stay strong.

Helvetica is available until March 24. It’s an excellent documentary that anyone who is interested in design should watch. I plan on watching it later tonight and look forward to seeing which of Gary Hustwit’s films will be available next.

➝ Source: ohyouprettythings.com

iOS 13 Text Selection ➝

Benjamin Mayo, alongside a video where he shows the problems with iOS 13’s text selection:

In the WWDC 2019 presentation, Craig Federighi praised the new UI for text selection, saying “there’s no need to double tap and no magnifying glass getting in your way”. I remember doing a double-take when he said it because that’s not really true at all. The magnifying glass was a convenience, rather than annoyance. Getting rid of it sounded like it would be exactly the wrong thing to do, especially as there was no alternative UI affordance to fulfil its purpose.

The text selection system in iOS 13 is absolute garbage. I can never tell if I have my selection point at the right place because my finger is always in the way. This is especially irritating when you’re dealing with more precise selections, for example, when you’re ending your selection between a punctuation mark (like a period’ and a small character (like a lowercase L or I).

The loop is an essential piece of the text selection interface and the refinement is almost exclusively a massive step backward. I hope they revert this change in a future update. Or at the very least give us the option to re-enable it in settings.

(Via JF Martin.)

➝ Source: bzamayo.com

The Black MacBook ➝

A neat little video from Stephen Hackett discussing the black MacBook. I remember when these came out and wanted one desperately. But in the end, I wasn’t willing to spend the extra $150 just for the black casing and ended up with the white model instead.

It was an excellent machine and served me well for about five years before I purchased an 11-inch MacBook Air to replace it.

➝ Source: youtube.com