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WordPress 5.6, “Simone” ➝

An exciting release, which includes a great new feature:

Thanks to the API’s new Application Passwords authorization feature, third-party apps can connect to your site seamlessly and securely. This new REST API feature lets you see what apps are connecting to your site and control what they do.

This gives you the ability to authenticate an app or service with WordPress using a password created specifically for that connection. And you can revoke that password as you see fit — keeping your site secure without having to change your password and re-authenticate in any app or service connected to your site.

But what’s more exciting is that this opens the door to natively supporting two factor authentication in the future. If that’s something you’d like to add with a plugin now, I use Two-Factor.

And for more information about Application Passwords, there’s an excellent integration guide available.

➝ Source: wordpress.org

Apple releases iOS 4.1 ➝

Apple has released iOS 4.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The update includes proximity sensor and iPhone 3G performance fixes. The update also includes Apple’s new multi-player game network, Game Center, and the ability to take high dynamic range (HDR) photos.

I’ve been using iOS 4.1 on my iPhone 3GS since last week and it’s a fantastic update. I wish I could write about the HDR photos feature, this is what has made me most excited about 4.1, but unfortunately it is an iPhone 4-only feature.

For a more complete list of changes Mark Gurman has written a detailed overview of iOS 4.1.

iOS 4.1 is available as a free update to all iPhone and iPod touch owners (excluding first-generation models), simply connect your device and click “Check for Update” in iTunes.

Netflix App Adds iPhone and iPod touch Support ➝

A few days ago an update was released for Netflix’s streaming application for iOS which added support for iPhone and iPod touch. The application runs well, although the scrolling feels a little sluggish. You can search for movies, browse movies by genre, add them to your instant queue or play them immediately.

The only downside I’ve been able to find is that you can’t output video to a television with the app. In anticipation of this release I had an iPod touch hooked up to the TV in my bedroom that I planned to watch Netflix movies on. But, with the current release this isn’t possible, hopefully it will be added in the future.