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Unshaky Attempts to Solve the Double Keypress Issue on MacBook Keyboards ➝

When I first started experiencing double keypress issues on my MacBook Air, I thought for sure, there must be be something in the Accessibility panel to help with this. But to my surprise, there is not.

Luckily, Sam Liu, built a clever little menu bar utility that can be configured to ignore these unintended double keypresses of they occur within a user-selectable timeframe. I have my “p” and “a” keys set to ignore duplicate inputs within a 50ms window and it’s worked wonders.

I have a bit more tweaking to do with the app’s settings — I still experience duplicate keypresses on occasion. But the frequency with which it happens has dramatically reduced. It feels like I have a functional keyboard again.

I’ve had the app installed on my work machine for the past five days and it has dismissed nearly 400 of these additional keypresses. That’s about eighty potential typos each day that I would have needed to correct. I can’t explain how happy I am that this app exists, but seriously, Apple needs to get its act together and fix these keyboards. Like, yesterday.