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Skipping Credits on Netflix ➝

Matt Hauger:

But there’s still one vestige of broadcast TV that invites you to stop watching: interminable opening credits sequences. Star Trek’s theme song is retro-catchy the first ten times. After that, it’s tedious and irritating. Or consider House of Cards, whose melancholy opening sequence lasts nearly two full minutes(!). There’s only so many times I can watch those DC time lapses.

So why can’t Netflix automatically skip these opening titles for me?

DVDs typically have chapter markers inserted at the end of the opening credits — which is handy when you’re viewing an archived copy on the Apple TV. But why don’t streaming services offer the same feature? My guess is it’s just cheaper and easier to omit it.


Apple Adds ‘Free on iTunes’ Section to iTunes ➝

I’m especially interested in some of the TV Show episodes that are currently available. I’ll be watching the free episode of Best New Restaurant with my fiancée the next chance I get and I’ll probably pick up some of the free HGTV episodes while I’m at it.

Apple Rolls Out ‘Complete My Season Pass’ for TV Shows ➝

This is exactly the type of system that Apple needed to put in place. There’s been numerous occasions where I’ll watch a couple of episodes from a new TV show and like it enough to want the season pass, but after spending $6-9 on episodes I don’t want to spend another $24+ just to get the season pass.

Warner Bros. and iTunes TV Show Rentals ➝

Associated Press:

Chief Executive Barry Meyer says Warner Bros. didn’t participate in Apple Inc.’s plan to offer TV show rentals for 99 cents because the price was too low and would have hurt sales of full seasons.

The only thing holding back the Apple TV is the content providers and their poor decisions.

Apple Working on Apple TV Refresh ➝

In late May Engadget received word of an upcoming refresh to the Apple TV. The update would bring all new hardware, including an A4 processor, 16GB of storage, 1080p video playback, iOS, and a $99 price tag.

The new Apple TV was already starting to sound great but earlier this month The New York Times revealed that several sources have told them that Apple was building a completely redesigned user interface for the new Apple TV.

NewTeeVee has also heard rumblings of some changes to TV show pricing in iTunes.

Ryan Lawler reporting for NewTeeVee:

According to sources, Apple is trying to get TV programmers to let it rent individual TV shows for 99 cents each, as opposed to the $1.99 it receives for sales of standard-definition episodes and the $2.99 it gets for selling HD episodes. […] Unlike its current TV and movie sales through iTunes, the new service will move content into the cloud and stream it to users, rather than having them download videos.

I’m incredibly excited about this Apple TV update. I’ve been a huge fan of the device since it’s launch and it has been the centerpiece of my home theater for over two years now.

A $99 Apple TV running iOS, 99 cent TV show rentals, brand new user interface, and a focus on streaming content. If all of these rumors are true, I see a lot more people cutting the cord soon.