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Truth Social Releases Source Code ➝

From Truth Social:

Our goal is to support the open source community no matter what your political beliefs are. That’s why the first place we go to find amazing software is the community and not “Big Tech”.

There was quite a bit of noise last month regarding Truth Social’s potential violation of Mastodon’s license. I’m happy to hear that they have released their source code, coming into complience with the licensing agreement.

Regardless of your political affiliation, I think it’s good that there will be more competition for Facebook and Twitter soon. And It’s even better that it’s built on Mastodon. I hope they federate — allowing Truth Social users to follow people from other instances and other instances to follow users on Truth Social. More importantly, though, I hope the existence of this service results in many more people joining social networks powered by ActivityPub.

➝ Source: truthsocial.com