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Android Messages and Dialer Apps Allegedly Send Data to Google ➝

Ken Macon, in reference to a recent report by a Trinity College Dublin professor:

Google’s Dialer and Messaging apps have been collecting and sending data without users’ consent and an opt-out option, according to a new report. The practice potentially violates Europe’s GDPR laws and other privacy laws across the globe. […]

From the Messages app, Google gets a SHA256 hash generated from the content and timestamp. The hash is hard to decipher, but Leith believes it can be reversed allowing the content of the message to be recovered. […]

From the Dialer app, Google logs outgoing and incoming calls, as well as the time and duration of calls.

If this is true, it’s a massive privacy violation. And terrible timing for Google — coming so soon after Google Analytics was deemed illegal in Europe in its current form.

➝ Source: reclaimthenet.org