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Valve Updates Steam Link iOS App to Remove Game Purchasing ➝

Eli Hodapp, writing for TouchArcade:

Moments ago, Valve pushed out an updated version of the Steam Link app to TestFlight testers which aside from a few UI tweaks (like a network performance test when you first pair your PC which I’m fairly certain wasn’t in the original build) they also removed the ability to buy anything through the actual app itself. When you connect to your PC via the Steam Link app and browse the store, the button you used to be able to push to buy things has been changed to say “Available to purchase from your PC.”

Hopefully this is all the changes Valve needed to make and we’ll be streaming games to our Apple TVs soon.

The New Apple TV Can Only Support Two Connected Bluetooth Controllers at a Time ➝

If this is true, its really unfortunate. Local multiplayer is a lot of fun and limiting it to only two or three players is a bit of a disappointment. I’m hoping this is a software issue that will be fixed shortly.

Update: SchwarzTech noted on Twitter:

Hopefully a software limitation, but perhaps Apple assumes more iOS devices as extra controllers/remotes initially?

This is something I hadn’t considered, but sounds like a plausible reason for Apple to forgo support for more than two Bluetooth controllers at launch.

Clarification on the App Store’s Confederate Flag Policy ➝

Carter Dotson, writing for TouchArcade:

Andrew Mulholland of HexWar says “basically we need to remove prominent flags from the screenshots” and “don’t have them in the app icon.” The Confederate flag is okay within games, but it appears that it just needs to not be prominent at all in the forward-facing parts of the App Store.

This seems like a much more reasonable rule to follow than what I thought Apple may have been enforcing yesterday. But, I still see the Confederate flag in screenshots for Hunted Cow Studios’ Civil War: 1863. If this is the rule, it shouldn’t be enforced inconsistently. Developers need to know what to expect before they create a game so that they don’t get the rug pulled out from underneath them.

New ‘Hearthstone’ Patch Likely Includes iPhone Support ➝

I’ve been playing Harthstone since I got my iPad in mid-February and it’s one of the few iOS games that has stuck with me for more than a couple of weeks. There’s a ton of depth to the game’s current card pool and Blizzard’s preparing to shake things up with a new set (Blackrock Mountain) this Thursday which will give players 31 more cards to collect and even more possibilities for deck building.

I’m not sure if I’ll spend much time playing Hearthstone on my iPhone. But, I’ll appreciate the option if I end up with a few minutes of downtime and nothing more than my iPhone for entertainment.

TouchArcade’s Eli Hodapp expects the update to be released on April 9 based on the Android client’s release schedule, which took place one week after the release of Goblins vs. Gnomes.