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iLounge Reviews the Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch ➝

Phil Dzikiy, writing for iLounge:

TimePorter is essentially just a case. It offers a fine solution to keeping Watch bands and small accessories in one place, if that’s what you need. It earns our limited recommendation as a nice item for frequent travelers with multiple Watch bands.

The more I read about this accessory the less I like it. TwelveSouth makes some excellent products, but I wouldn’t put the TimePorter on that list.

TimePorter for Apple Watch ➝

A neat looking new product from TwelveSouth that is incredibly similar to the idea I’ve had floating around in my head recently. The TimePorter acts as a charging station and a travel case for your Apple Watch with room for a USB adapter, charging cable, and an extra band. I’ve been on the look out for a nice Watch dock and this is the nicest one I’ve found by far, but it’s not quite what I’m searching for.

My idea for a Watch dock is a simple, rectangular wooden box with a hinged lid. Inside would be three or four trenches, lined with felt or another soft fabric, wide enough to fit extra bands. The lid would feature a hole designed to seat the Watch’s charging disc and the entire top would be covered in the same material as the inside.

The charging cable would be routed out the back of the box, in-between the two hinges, ensuring the cable is out of the way when accessing your bands. To charge your Watch at the end of the day, just drape it over the top.

I don’t need to view notifications or the time on my Watch when I’m not wearing it, so there’s no need for a gimmicked hinge that’s capable of displaying my Watch at an angle. And I don’t need something built for travel, I have plenty of Tom Bihn bags for that job. I just want an attractive charging station, built out of high-quality materials, that keeps my Watch and bands in one place — something that’s designed to sit on my dresser, not in my suitcase.