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Apple Reportedly Considered Buying Time Warner, Might Still Fund Original TV Content ➝

John Callaham, writing for iMore:

A new report claims Apple briefly considered putting in a bid to acquire Time Warner in late 2015. […]

The report from the Financial Times (paid subscription required) claims that Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, talked about such a deal with Time Warner’s head of corporate strategy, Olaf Olafsson. However, those discussions never went past the early stages, according to the report.

Time Warner Wants Hulu To Stop Airing Current Seasons Of TV Shows ➝

Chris Morran, writing for Consumerist:

The Time Warner Inc. umbrella covers a wide range of these channels — CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network — that stand to lose carriage fees and ad revenue every time someone cuts the cord. And while Time Warner apparently believes it can make money selling online access to HBO without requiring basic cable, many of its other properties don’t lend itself as readily to binge-viewing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s why Time Warner is talking to Hulu about ultimately rethinking how the streaming service handles recently aired TV shows.

Hulu would become a lot less valuable if it no longer offered episodes from current seasons. To the point where I might even consider canceling the service altogether if recently-aired episodes were no longer available. But unfortunately for Time Warner, there’s no way I’d ever return to a cable subscription. I cut the cord almost ten years ago and have been happily using alternative entertainment sources like Netflix, iTunes, podcasts, YouTube, etc. ever since.

Time Warner Makes Me Hate Them Less ➝

I was a little furious with Time Warner Cable when they announced that they were going to test out metered/tiered pricing in certain regions. I live in upstate New York, a couple of hours south of Rochester. Although I wouldn’t be part of the metered boardband test I am in a Time Warner area. And, there are only 2 other options for broadband, DSL and Earthlink (which goes over the same cables as Time Warner does).

I plan on moving about 10 miles away this summer and see this as an opportunity to consider changing around my broadband set up a little bit. I will still have the same options as I have now (except I might not have DSL is an option because the new house is in a more rural area). I was thinking of getting Earthlink, this way I wouldn’t have to deal with caps (at least for a while) and I would be sending a significantly smaller amount of money to Time Warner each month (Earthlink still has to pay Time Warner to use their cables).

I was also considering just staying with Time Warner but making sure not to make any long term commitments just for a lower price per month, this way if metered service does come to my area I could drop them immediately and move to another provider.

But, with recent news of Time Warner (at least) holding off on their plan to meter bandwidth I will be choosing Time Warner for my broadband access.

I will still make sure that I don’t get into any commitments, just in case they decide to reintroduce metering again sooner than I hope they will (I’m sure they will, it’s just a question of how long we’ll have to wait), but in the mean time I’ll save a little bit of money each month by combining my cable and broadband bill.

I do want to commend Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Eric Massa for their disapproval of Time Warner metering their broadband service. I don’t think Massa’s proposal to ban metered bandwidth is exactly the right idea, I actually think Schumer’s plan to instead protect consumers without completely banning it is a much smarter solution. I’m just glad that both of them seem to care about consumers.

By the way, in case the title fooled you, I definitely still hate Time Warner Cable.

Update 6/2/09: Recently Time Warner has changed their terms of service to be little bit more friendly to bandwidth tiers. As a result of this I’m once again, angry at the company.