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Why Comcast Thinks it Can Buy Time Warner Cable ➝

Peter Kafka explaining Comcast’s argument as to why it believes it should be allowed to purchase Time Warner Cable:

It’s okay for a giant cable company to buy another giant cable company, because cable companies don’t compete.

One protected monopoly purchasing another protected monopoly. I could imagine a world in which Comcast starts laying cable in an area that Time Warner currently controls. Enough lobbying could make that happen. But, in a world in which Comcast and Time Warner are the same company, it would never happen. That’s not good for customers.

TWC Offers HBO with Basic Cable for $30 a Month ➝

Seems like a pretty good deal but I’d rather them offer a plan similar to Comcast’s HBO plus internet plan. I’m not really interested in having cable television.

Back Online with Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 ➝

After a few days of sporadic internet connectivity I’m finally back online. I spent far too long in modem swap hell with Time Warner Cable and decided to buckle down and purchase the Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 from my local Best Buy.

I decided on the SB6141 because it was the highest rated DOCSIS 3.0 modem on Newegg.com. Once I got it home, I made a (surprisingly) quick call to Time Warner, gave them the new modem’s MAC address, and was back online in about 30 seconds.

And now that I’m not spending $5.99 a month on modem rental fees, I’m seriously thinking about moving to Time Warner’s 50Mb down service.