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Apple’s Thunderbolt Display Sold Out in Many Apple Stores ➝

Zac Hall, writing for 9 to 5 Mac:

It’s been true for way too long now that Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is due for a comprehensive upgrade. Apple’s $999 27-inch display has a dated design and has much lower resolution than the Retina 5K iMac for $800 more. For those reasons and more, it’s been on everyone’s Do Not Buy list for quite some time, but that may be about to change. […]

Thunderbolt Display can still be delivered overnight when bought through Apple’s online store, but a check at nearby Apple Stores showed that one out of every three locations had zero inventory. We’ve seen stock fluctuation in the past way before a product replacement — most recently the Apple TV — so it’s possible the inevitable Thunderbolt Display replacement could be planned for the fall and not Apple’s keynote in two weeks. But there are plenty of reasons to expect something new in Thunderbolt Display’s place at any point.

“Way too long” is an understatement — Apple hasn’t updated their standalone display offerings in nearly five years. It’s hard to believe that’s even true, there aren’t many Apple products that survive this long without being refreshed or discontinued. And I truly hope this is a sign that Apple will be shipping Retina-quality desktop displays in the next few months.

Elgato Thunderbolt SSD ➝

A super fast external drive that runs off of a single Thunderbolt cable that both transfers data and powers the drive. Elgato makes fantastic peripherals. And, at $430 I’d expect nothing but the best.

iMac Refresh Due ➝

Mark Gurman believes Apple will be releasing an updated iMac with Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge processors on May 3 or 4.

Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge May Come to MacBook Air in June ➝

I’ve been planning a MacBook Air purchase for a few months and had already decided I was going to pick one up around June. With these rumors of Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt coming to the MacBook Air around June, I’ll likely purchase right after the spec bump.

Apple Rumored to Release New iMacs by Early May ➝

Slash Lane:

Apple may release a new line of iMac all-in-one desktop computers by the end of April or the first week of May with Sandy Bridge processors and the new high-speed Thunderbolt port, but no major cosmetic changes, according to a new rumor.

The rumor was originally reported by CNET’s Brian Tong citing anonymous sources.

What You Need to Know About Thunderbolt ➝

Great rundown of Thunderbolt by Macworld’s Dan Frakes and Dan Moren.