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Ecobee Introduces Peak Relief ➝

From Ecobee’s explanation of the feature:

If you’re on a Time of Use rate, the price of electricity is higher during peak hours of the day. Thankfully, Peak Relief is a new feature on your ecobee thermostat providing you with an easy way to save money and use less energy by automatically heating or cooling your home when electricity is less expensive.

With Peak Relief, you can save money without ever compromising your comfort.

Ecobee owners in select markets can enable the feature in the mobile app.

My electric company doesn’t charge different rates during peak usage time, but if they did, I’d certainly be excited about this feature.

The Learning Thermostat ➝

Even the most expensive thermostats are still just ugly beige boxes. Nest is a drastic improvement over every thermostat on the market, in both functionality and design. Nest is a bit expensive ($249) but with all of it’s wonderful energy saving features, it can pay for itself in no time.