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New Palm Devices Found in webOS 2.0 ➝

Engadget points to a chat log where the folks at webOS Internals spent time digging through SFR’s webOS 2.0 build for the Palm Pre 2. In it they discovered the names Broadway, Windsor, Mantaray, Roadrunner and Stingray as codenames for potential future devices.

These are likely the devices that The Taiwan Economic News’ source was speaking of late last month. Palm really hasn’t had a new device since the Palm Pixi, all of the handsets that have come since are just slight upgrades to the Pre and Pixi. I’d love to see what Palm and HP have been working on and hope that Reuters was right when they pegged an early 2011 release date for new webOS handsets.

Engadget Reviews webOS 2.0 ➝

Joshua Topolsky:

Despite some issues, webOS 2.0 is probably neck and neck with iOS4 when it comes to polish and ease of use, and that’s a pretty huge thing for Palm. This isn’t just a good OS, it’s a great OS, and the updates in this version have made it even better. It’s obvious that when combined with even slightly better hardware, it’s also a fast experience that makes it easy to get real work done.

He likes the software but really wishes Palm would step up their game on the hardware side of things. And, I agree. Every time I stop into a cell phone store I always take a few minutes to play around with a Palm Pre and a Pixi. Inevitably I end up with the same conclusion, webOS is fantastic but current Palm hardware leave something to be desired.

What keeps me hopeful is a recent rumor published by The Taiwan Economic News stating that Palm has 5-6 new handsets in the works. If just one of those devices has a decent sized screen and a software keyboard, it’ll be enough for me to stand up and take notice.

Another Report on the Apple Tablet ➝

Steve Chuang, reporting for The Taiwan Economic News, says that Apple will launch their tablet in February with Taiwanese suppliers beginning to deliver parts in December.

The tablet PC features a 9.6-inch screen, finger-touch function and built-in HSPDA (high speed download packet access) module, and adopts a P.A. SEMI processor chip and long lasting battery pack, selling for between US$799 and US$999.

Steve Chuang goes on to say that DynaPack will supply up to 300,000 batteries a month for the tablet while Wintek will supply touchscreens for the device.

There isn’t a lot of new information with this report, other than the inclusion of what suppliers will be making parts for the device.

Steve Jobs Has Been Focusing on the Tablet
8/13/09: Brian Lam Talks to Insider About Apple Tablet
7/25/09: Apple Tablet May Come in Early 2010

Update 10/4/09: Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge reveals “Ten New Details on the Apple Tablet.” The most interesting of which are:

  • The latest prototype has a 10.7-inch screen.
  • The tablet runs iPhoneOS.
  • There will be two versions, one with 3G and one without.
  • Apple is currently planning to announce it on or before January 19, 2010 with a release date in May or June.

Brian Lam, of Gizmodo also reveals some details about the tablets potential as an e-book reader.

Update 10/7/09: Brad Stone, of the New York Times, reports that, not only has Apple been working on the tablet since 2003, but Steve Jobs has questioned “what [tablets] were good for besides surfing the Web in the bathroom.”

Update 10/7/09: Apple Tablet Coming in Q1 2010

Update 12/8/09: ‘TabletMac’ Trademark and Apple Tablet Pricing

Update 12/28/09: Apple Tablet May be Announced in January

Update 1/6/10: Apple May Ship Tablet in March