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Researcher Proves Heartbleed Bug Exposes Private SSL Keys ➝

Josh Ong, reporting for The Next Web:

Fedor Indutny, a core member of the node.js team, has proved that it is in fact possible for an attacker to sniff out the private SSL keys from a server left exposed by the Heartbleed bug. The proof came in response to a challenge from CloudFlare that called on the security community to grab the keys from a demo server.

If there was ever a doubt in your mind, this proves that the Heartbleed bug is the real deal.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

The Next Web Goes Hands-On with Aol Reader ➝

Harrison Weber:

All in all, AOL Reader appears to be a quality attempt, and it could be a decent solution for many following Google Reader’s demise — especially for those who actually have AOL accounts.

It’s a good looking attempt. But, it’s not going to pull me away from Fever.

Gawker Comment Accounts Hacked ➝

Matt Brian reporting for The Next Web:

Sensitive information has been exposed, including staff conversations, their private passwords used within the network and passwords also used by people who have registered to comment.

If you’ve ever registered to comment on Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Gawker, or any other Gawker Media website, your account is likely compromised. This is especially a problem for anyone who uses the same password for other websites. I strongly suggest changing your password on any website that shares the same password with Gawker Media.