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Samsung Galaxy S III’s Bricking for ‘No Reason’ ➝

Raymond Wong writing for the Boy Genius Report:

The issue appears to be related to the NAND becoming corrupted and killing off the Galaxy S III’s mainboard, which causes the phone to essentially “brick” itself. Users have reported the issues have affected some devices after 150-200 days after purchase.

Sounds like a pretty sweet feature.

Apple Back to School Special May Include $300 iPad Offer ➝

Jonathan S. Geller writing last week for the Boy Genius Report:

One of our Apple sources has informed us that they’ve been hearing Apple’s yearly back-to-school special will be announced at WWDC next month. […] there might be something new in the works, as well… they heard that it’s possible Apple might offer students up to $200 off an iPad with the purchase of a new Mac.

This got me thinking about this discount in general. Wouldn’t it be cool if this offer was available to registered developers, that had an approved application in either the Mac or iOS App Store?

Also, if I can get a $300 iPad 2 when I purchase my MacBook Air, I wouldn’t hesitate buying one.

iPhone Video Conferencing Screenshots ➝

The Boy Genius Report has published two screenshots that seem to confirm video conferencing capabilities in the upcoming iPhone HD. The screenshots depict video call debugging options in the settings app and are were supposedly taken on a field test unit.

Quite honestly, video calls sound like a big waste of time. I don’t see why everyone has wanted the feature for so long. A front-facing camera only has one appeal to me, and that’s self-portraits. Taking a picture of yourself and a friend would be much easier if the screen was facing you.

Apple Tablet May be Announced in January ➝

The Financial Times’ David Gelles reports that Apple will hold an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. They expect Apple to “make a major product announcement on Tuesday, January 26th.”

Citing Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, David Gelles hints that a tablet will likely be announced at the event.

Dan Frommer has since published a piece on Silicon Alley Insider saying:

Apple has been telling some app makers to prepare apps for a demo next month, according to this source. “They’ve told select developers that as long as they build their apps to support full screen resolution — rather than a fixed 320×480 — their apps should run just fine,” our source says.

According to a source who spoke with the Boy Genius Report, the Apple tablet is going to come in a 7-inch size. Their source didn’t know whether or not that was the only size, only that the 7-inch size is definitely coming.

Not to be left out of the fray, MacRumors has found evidence that Apple has acquired the domain name “islate.com” and TechCrunch has found evidence that Apple has trademarked the term “iSlate.” MacRumors, building off of TechCrunch’s findings, later found that Apple has the trademark for “Magic Slate” as well.

As Nick Bilton of the New York Times puts it:

But the icing on the cake comes from a current senior employee inside Apple. When one of my colleagues here asked if the rumors of the Apple tablet were true, and when we could expect such a device, the response from his source was, “I can’t really say anything, but, let’s just say Steve is extremely happy with the new tablet.”

Yet another recently departed Apple employee tipped me: “You will be very surprised how you interact with the new tablet.”

It sounds to me like John Gruber was right, the tablet will be a 2010 thing.

Update 1/1/10: MacRumors has uncovered another “buried” Apple trademark, this time for the term “iGuide.” MacRumors’ Arnold Kim thinks that the iGuide name could be related to the Apple tablet. However, I would just chalk this up as another one of those just-in-case-we-want-to-use-it trademark filings.

Meanwhile, Fox News’ Clayton Morris has “confirmed” Apple’s January event. Morris claims to have spoken with a source inside Apple that has confirmed the rumored January event. Also, saying that the event will focus on the mobility space.

Possible iTunes 9 Features

iTunes 9 Screenshot

The Boy Genius Report was sent some supposed screenshots of iTunes 9. The images show a number of features rumored to be in the upcoming release of iTunes.

One of the features shown in the screenshots is Facebook integration (which The Boy Genius Report has rumored before), allowing a user to create a playlist and then share it on Facebook.

Another screenshot suggests that iTunes 9 will be capable of syncing with third party devices. While Apple has previously blocked the Palm Pre from syncing with iTunes, (playing devil’s advocate) it is possible that Apple was just blocking them until they put a system in place for Palm to do it legitimately. I don’t expect this to happen. However, with Apple’s latest trend of giving in to user demand it wouldn’t be too out of the question. Especially if they offered the feature to third party manufacturers making sure they know that Apple isn’t going to bend over backwards to make sure their devices continue to work, if something breaks that manufacturer will have to fix it with a software update on their own device.

The most interesting of these screenshots appears to show iTunes reading a DVD with the options “Play DVD,” “Preview Selected,” and “Import DVD.” This is the image that brings the whole batch to its knees. Although it would be brilliant for the movie studios to give us a legal option to put our purchased DVDs on our iPods and iPhones, it is not going to happen. And, why would Apple put a “Play DVD” button in the bottom right corner? iTunes already has a play button in the top left corner.

I have already predicted iTunes 9 at the September iPod event but I was recently perusing the Mac Rumor’s forums and came upon an interesting post. The forum user MikeDTyke pointed out that iTunes, DVD Player, and Frontrow are all missing from the list of applications that are moving to 64-bit. This lead him to speculate that Apple may be rolling all three of those applications into one, completely rewriting iTunes in Cocoa (just as Apple is doing with Finder) and adding DVD playback and a fullscreen interface. I don’t have any inside information indicating that this could be the case but it doesn’t seem unlikely at all. But, I don’t know if Apple would want to put DVD playback in iTunes, it doesn’t seem like the right place for it, it would feel more natural in QuickTime.

It’s hard to say what this theorized change would mean for the Windows versions of QuickTime and iTunes, I doubt Apple would want to pay the licensing fees for every Windows user who has QuickTime installed and without the Apple remote why would anyone want Frontrow on a PC?

Update 8/31/09: Apple Makes September 9 Event Official

Update 9/10/09: iTunes 9