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Text Case 1.2 ➝

Chris Hannah:

In 1.2, the biggest update is the added flexibility in the title case format. As formatting titles isn’t a necessarily fixed style, but rather there are many different ones that writers use. The ones I’ve selected to include are:

  • Associated Press (AP)
  • American Psychology Association (APA)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)

And of course there are two new formats, sentence case, and Pascal case.

Great additions to a surprisingly handy iOS utility app.

Text Case for iOS ➝

Chris Hannah, writing on his weblog about the newly released app:

Text Case is a simple utility that allows you to convert any text into various different formats.

It comes packed with an action extension that lets you select text anywhere in iOS, tap the Share button, and then you’ll find the “Convert Text” action. This will show you a preview of all available formats, and a simple tap on one of those will copy it to your clipboard, and you’ll be returned to the original app.

He’s also tweeted a preview of the next version, which will offer a few more text conversion options alongside a settings page that will let you hide unused conversions.

Text Case for iOS ➝

Chris Hannah:

I’ve been working on a small project called Text Case for a while now. It’s had my attention in small bursts, and I think it’s finally ready to be classified as a 1.0.

I won’t write a whole essay about it just yet, but it’s a utility app that converts raw text into various different formats. The main one being title case, which is very handy for me personally.

This sounds a lot better than the workflow I had been contemplating building — the biggest upside being that Text Case will live at the top-level of my action extensions instead of being buried within Workflow’s.