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Channels DVR Adds M3U Playlist Support ➝

Jared Newman, writing for TechHive:

Where Channels really stands out, though is in what it can record beyond just over-the-air broadcasts. Last year, Channels added support for capturing TV Everywhere streams, so if you have a pay TV login, you can use the DVR for cable channels. It also added Locast.org support, so you can record local channels without an antenna in certain markets.

Last month, Channels took things a step further: For any legal video source that generates an M3U playlist, you can now add it to Channels and record its content. That means it’s now possible to record free streams from Pluto TV or Stirr, add a live webcam to your channel guide, or even roll your own round-the-clock channels from locally hosted media.

I’ve been using Channels to watch over-the-air television on my iPad and Apple TV for years. It’s an excellent piece of software. And I’ve dabbled with their Channels DVR service in the past. I eventually gave it up because it didn’t offer anything that I didn’t already have access to through Plex — where I watch most of my content.

But this is the first that I’m hearing about some of these features. Specifically the M3U playlist support. My wife and I have been watching a lot Pluto TV lately — Match Game on Buzzr is a huge draw. And having the ability to record shows from Pluto TV for more convenient viewing sounds fantastic.

➝ Source: techhive.com